Brand Motokov has always been synonymous with traditional Czech and Slovak industry. Motokov has always been characterized by quality and has proven at home and in the world that Czechs and Slovaks can produce goods for which they do not need to be ashamed, on the contrary they can be proud. We walk in these traditions to keep them for the next generations just as we took them.

About us

Motokov - a traditional Czechoslovak brand with a symbol of quality. Since 2017, it has been on the European market again for spare parts for trucks, agricultural and construction machinery. We strive to build on the fame of the past and restore the brand's glory. Spare parts of the Motokov Group are either manufactured directly in our premises or produced in cooperation with our proven partners. The range of parts is constantly expanding and is under strict technological and quality control.

The main specialization of the Motokov Group is the sale of spare parts for the older Czech - Slovak vehicles - Tatra, Liaz, Avia, Karosa, Zetor and many others.

Last but not least, we sell spare parts for trucks, trailers, lifts and buses of all European brands.

Our production

Brake drums and discs

For Tatra vehicles - all generations.

Exhaust silencers, exhaust and suction pipes

For Exhaust and Air systems - From leading European manufacturers.

Flywheels and Toothed Rings

Engine parts manufactured with emphasis on processing quality.

Shafts, cross pins

Parts produced in collaboration with primary producers who supply leading truck manufacturers.

Bellows and bellows covers

We produce our bellows and bellows covers by our own forces, keeping the highest quality indicators.

Air cleaners.

With maximum efficiency under any conditions. Our cleaners filled the gap in the spare parts market for Tatra vehicles.

Shock absorbers

For trucks of Czech and Czechoslovak production.

Brake shoes

Brake shoes for TATRA trucks.

Brake linings and pads

Brake lining and pads for Tatra trucks.


Springs of jaws, heads and bellows.

Leaf pens

Made with maximum material quality control.

Fastening belts, ratchets, curls

With the necessary certification. Production takes place under EN12195-2 standards.

Lids, housings, pins, sockets, fittings

And other metal parts machined on CNC centers from forgings, castings and rods.

Hoses, hydraulic elements, terminals, reinforced hoses.

It is available directly in our factory.

Fuel tanks

Fuel tanks for Tatra trucks.

We Prepare

Run-in gearings

For Tatra trucks - all generations.

Fuel filters

For trucks Tatra, Avia and Liaz.

Wiper blades

For all types of Tatra vehicles.


Years of tradition


CNC Centers running

8 800 m2

Warehouse space








Na strži 1702/65, Nusle

Praha 4, 140 00

Czech republic

Telephone number

+420 606 758 319